Lip Filler Injection

To highlight the symmetry of the lips and the lips of one of the most effective methods of injecting the gel into the gel to the lips is usually divided into two.

  • a – Gel temporary
  • b – permanent gel

Standard gels are temporary and long lasting approximately 6 to 12 months in the lips and the lips are a patient is unhappy with the gel can be neutralizing shot “hyaluronidase,” it was neutralized.
The second type of gel, the gel is constant, which is one of those types that will be almost constant in the lips, lip injections are the standard for But in many centers around the inside lip. Its complications, including a painful rash on your lips is subcutaneous, the patient is recommended to use a temporary gel and after 6 months if the use of gel implants, permanent or.

تزریق ژل لب

Above before and after injection of the gel on the lips of the person attending the show