Eyebrow Transplant

Eyebrow very important role in the beauty and confidence in the person and the task of communicating with others and express emotions is undeniable. But the main task of the eyebrows is that the downward heat flow (or any other liquid) from the forehead and sun exposure, to provide protection for the eyes.The loss of the eyebrows caused by severe stress and often within a short period of time required for medical treatment or medical aid to Hair. Active growth phase of hair and eyebrows, short hair, so it was not too long and not much growth.In short, this phase also causes any damage to the hair, eyebrows, long lasting damage to compensate for the ability to regrow hair and eyebrow hair restoration hair is naturally weaker and slower than.

کاشت ابرو

The above picture shows a planting before eyebrows

کاشت ابرو

1 month after implantation of the eyebrow above the eyebrow indicates

Above the eyebrow indicates that after 4 months from planting