Beard & Mustache Transplantation

Beard and moustache appearance has a significant place in men’s style. Beard transplantation and moustache transplantation is the best solution for beard & moustache hair loss caused by testosterone, for men who desire to have intensive and regular looking beard or moustache.

Beard Transplantation

When it comes to beard transplants, Sina Clinic is one of the most experienced and renowned clinics in IRAN.

Patients take the same advantages of SINA Clinic’s method of FUE in beard transplantation as they take in hair transplantation. By micro FUE method, hair grafts are taken from the back of your head between two ears one by one and transplanted to the recipient area.

FUE facial transplantation operations are performed under local anesthesia, and just like in hair transplantation, no severe pain or ache is experienced. There will be no scarring or stitches after the operation.

کاشت ریش و سبیل

Above conditions, a beard and mustache before attending the show

کاشت ریش و سبیل

Above conditions, a beard and mustache just after implantation shows